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Bidding and Pricing

We have the ability to bid certain jobs in conjunction with a contractor. This is most common when building a new home. In most instances, all we need is a final blueprint and specific information on what specialty items you'd like to have included. Armed with this information, we can usually then provide a *ballpark estimate based on a simple walk-through of the job, a discussion with the owner on what work is to be performed and what's expected.

Money Saving Tip! The best way to save money on a project is to do the absolute best you can in the pre-planning stages.

Once you've accepted our estimate, we can move into preparing your contract and scheduling your work!

If your project is not a contractor bid job, such as a remodeling or other project, our current hourly rates will apply. Please contact us for further information.

*Any changes to the original specifications after you've received your estimate may affect the final cost. In order to make things move along as smoothly and quickly as possible, we do ask you to please contact us to discuss any changes immediately. It's possible your changes may involve an adjustment to your materials order or require a change in scheduling. We appreciate your cooperation.