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Why Hire a Professional?

There are many things to consider when choosing a finish carpenter. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of finish carpenters to choose from in southern Wisconsin. Some are great at what they do and like anything else, some are not. Any person or home improvement company can easily go to any hardware or big box home improvement store and purchase the bulk of the proper tools and materials to do any finish carpentry job. That's the easy part. The hard part is knowing how to select the most suitable materials and how to properly use those tools in the various steps to complete the job in a professional manner. 

It's no secret that everyone tries to save money, that's human nature. It's true that there are some home improvement projects you can cut corners on by doing yourself and achieve satisfactory results. If you make a mistake it's no big deal, you're the only one that knows it or can see it. But when it comes to beautifying one of your home's most visible and valuable charactaristics, even a small mistake can be a huge embarassment, costly and time-consuming to repair. 

If you're honest with yourself, there really are some things that fall under the "you get what you pay for" scenerio. Hiring an experienced Finish Carpenter can literally save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. A professional knows the pitfalls of selecting the wrong tools or materials and is familiar with the "tricks of the trade" that simplify the job without sacrificing the quality of the work.

Building or remodeling a home on your own is time consuming to say the least. Your time is valuable. Hiring a professional will save you weeks and even months of time. Time that's better spent enjoying your home, your family and your life.


What to Look For in a Finish Carpenter

In order to help you choose your Finish Carpenter, we offer these suggestions when hiring. A true professional will:

  • Be of the belief that every job is a custom job and will treat it that way. The ability to readily adapt to each project is a key to being a successful Finish Carpenter.
  • Will be able to envision the end result before the first cut is made.  If he can't imagine the project in a finished state, how will he know how to get there from here?
  • Will truly listen to your goals and how you want things to look. Is open to making suggestions but understands and accepts that it's your home and that you will make all final decisions.