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Scheduling Your Carpentry Work

Scheduling can be the trickiest part of running a finish carpentry business. Each project is one of a kind, custom-built to suit each client's needs. Unless you're in the field yourself, most people truly do not understand all that is involved in completing a carpentry project. You didn't hire us to install cookie cutter cabinets or stairways. You hired us to create a custom look just for you! This will take some time and patience. 

Custom projects hold different requirements and demands not only on our time, but yours.  This is not a bad thing, but it does sometimes make scheduling a bit of a juggling act. In an ideal world, scheduling would literally be on a "first come first served" basis, keywords being "in an ideal world." In order to make things work to everyone's advantage, there are times we must resort to "creative scheduling" techniques.

Why? Because a custom project is exactly that, custom. Things may or may not move as quickly as you may think. Like people, each project has it's own identity, if you will. You can take the exact same cabinetry with the exact same layout and put them into two different homes. Even though the project ideal itself is exactly the same, for any number of reasons, one may take much longer than the other. Why? Because even though they may be built from the same blueprint, no two homes are exactly the same. This is where hiring a professional finish carpenter is the key. A professional knows the quickest and most cost-efficient way to overcome any problems. More often than not, project plans can change from their original specifications and "on the fly alterations" can significantly affect the time-frame to completion. 

We understand it's only natural to want your project started, and more importantly completed, within a reasonable amount of time. Everyone's definition of a "reasonable time frame to completion" is different. As exciting as remodeling or building a new home is, each holds its own brand of frustration. New home construction is dependent on Mother Nature and we all know the weather sometimes gets in the way of progress. We understand completely that the point between starting and finishing a remodeling project is a real inconvience to live with while in progress. With any project, the availability of materials comes into play.

Trim Specialists works hard to see that your inconvenience is kept to a minimum. Not only is our work custom tailored to your wishes, we strive to see to it that our scheduling is a custom fit as well. During the planning stages, we'll discuss your own work schedule with you. Being up-front with us about your availability helps us to prevent over-scheduling. Without a doubt, we are just as anxious as you are to see the end result of our "art-work-in-the-making" and a job well done to your liking. We'll do our very best to arrive on schedule and complete your work within a reasonable time frame with the mutual understanding that a "give or take a couple days" flexibility is important to keep in mind. 

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